Mike’s Bad Breath Story

About Bad Breath

One particular woman that I interacted with daily would not even let me enter her office. I would enter and she would immediately open the window and escort me into the hallway to speak with me there so I didn’t “stink-up the room”.

bad breath on the job

Another time I was working on a last minute rush job project that required me to stay late and work closely with a client, one-on-one in a small room. I, of course, was nervous that my problem would become evident, so much so that I was completely stressing and sweating bullets. So I made sure I spent time brushing and gargling before…and during the after hours work session, not to mention chomping away on some gum the whole time. At the end of the day I recall feeling like all went well with the work and otherwise.

The next day my manager called me in to speak with me, I just figured it was a quick review of the work. He said, “Thanks for staying late and getting the work done…and one other thing, the client had a few words to say about your hygiene…you need to do better.” I was completely mortified! All of my efforts had still equaled a failure. Even after doing excellent work I felt like a total loser.

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